I’m Better Alone

lonelyHow can I forget

All those cherish memories

That delightful touch

And exotic sceneries

When you were with me in whatever I do

You are my soul and I can never separate from you…..

You were the source

to all my happiness

You were the way

of all my success

You could turn my life into new

You are my spring and I can never fall from you…..

That every moment was cherish

When you were with me

And the life is perish

When you are away,nowhere to see

I could hold you forever,if a little bit I knew

That your presence will vanish and I can never admire you…..

The desires were raising

And so were the expectations

I accepted you with grace

Forwarding heartly temptations

My fate was changed completely by  you

You are in my breath and I can never forget you…..

Everything got changed when you threw me back

I offered you rose red and you gave me black

I wish that day to be a nightmare

Nothing to say and nothing to share

I was never in your feel and you never understood me

But I’m not sorry because you don’t deserve me……

I’m happy to be alone………………….!!!!!!!!!! 


17 thoughts on “I’m Better Alone

    1. I’ll try to keep it up.Basically I write Hinglish poems but when I made my blog few days back I was not getting any Hindi person on the recommended sites.So I wrote in English.


  1. Maybe some people are not worth our love, it’s better to let it go, otherwise we won’t be worthy of ourselves.


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