A Pray by my Soul…….

prayerEverytime I feel the existance of yours

And I do see you even behind the doors

You are the one to whom I trust

And gives the power to throw away the lust

O majesty,supreme,you divine,

Just give me the power to shine

I embrace you with the garland of my prayers

Believing that you are above than just those nightmares

If I’ll be slammed,broken by the worldly fight

And if I fall just clasp me tight

There may be many boundries,dividing into fractions

And the world may impose many sanctions

Many will show the utmost of their greed

But I’ll plead you O’god with my deed…….


4 thoughts on “A Pray by my Soul…….

  1. Some proofreading is needed but the thoughts and the basic structure are very good. I’m not much of a poetry buff myself but enjoyed both the poems.
    Hally blogging. God bless 🙂


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