On the name of religion…..

religionOn the name of religion

On the name of god

We fight with each other

And shed the blood with sword……


Why are we interested

To make ourselves superior

Why can’t we live

In harmony with inferior??????


Is this world

Just a piece of land

Or why we make pieces of it

From one to another end?????


Can not we love each other

With a similar phase

Can not we be unite

To be together with ease??????


Can terror,thunder give us joy

How can god be happy

When life from 

this world will destroy??????


How would be this world

With scattered and smashed pieces of corpse??

Empty and deserted land

With no life on the earth…….


It can’t be imagined

Globe as red

It shivers me from head to toe

When red rivers will fed……


We should realise

That there is no heaven

And no good change

For those who are sadist

And wants to take revenge……


Life is beautiful

Short and precious

Luckily it has chosen us

To make this world gracious…..


Come,Let’s kill our

Hatred,jealousy and

Greedy feel

To make this earth

A place to live 

And rest in peace……


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