Tere hone se…………….

honaPaane se khone ka maja kuch or hai

Band aankhon mai rone ka maja kuch or hai

Aasoon ban gae lafz or lafz ban gae gazal

Or us gazal mai tere hone ka maja kuch or hai……

Saath rehkar bhi door rehne ka maja kuch or hai

Keh kar bhi kuch naa kehne ka maja kuch or hai

Aawara ho gaya ye fitoor or fitoor ban gaya dhadkan

Or us dhadkan mai tere basne ka maja kuch or hai…….

Barse jo beshak

Ye udte hue baadal

Teri chhahat ki baarish

Mai bheegne ka maja kuch or hai………

Har sawera ho guljaar

Tere khoobsoorat najaro se

Un najaro mai tere hone ka ehsaas

Ho to maja kuch or hai………

Raaton mai tere khwabo ka maja kuch or hai

Har ibaadat mai teri khilafat ka maja kuch or hai

Saansein ban gai suroor or suroor ban gaya nasha

Or us nashe mai tujhe paane ka maja kuch or hai………………





source -Anonymous…

Written by -Neha (that’s me….)


21 thoughts on “Tere hone se…………….

    1. Thanks for reading each post of mine and giving me all valuable suggestions..
      Actually I need one more…
      Please tell me what rating I should select for gravatar..Out of four three talks about some unwanted material..

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      1. FA stands for Formative Assessment..
        According to C.B.S.E we have to conduct Fa’s and Sa’s..
        Well they are over.Marklist is ready
        Tomorrow will b P.T.M..
        Now longing for summer vaccation.

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      2. Tell me one thing..
        As I see most of the bloggers upload their pic in Profile picture..
        Is that pic visible to public???
        As the blog is shown on google also ,so will that pic b visible to everyone..????

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      3. I think you’re sceptical about putting on your picture in the profile. The picture being available to anyone and everyone is the whole point, isn’t it? So that people can know who is behind this wonderful blog of yours.
        If you don’t want to put your own picture, put up something else, anything that you feel conveys the themes you write on.


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