Summer vacation.

After a tiring schedule of continuous classes,lectures,formative and summative assessment,unit tests,projects and activities,lots of paper work,managing mark lists,watching discipline among students,guiding them to be in proper uniform,giving them extra classes,doing lunch duty,ground duty,paper typing etc…

Finally my summer vacation started..

Ufff …..!!!!lot’s of tasks we do…

Really being a teacher is not only about teaching students and guiding them.It’s about how multitasking a person can be.You can sometimes feel yourself as a babysitter making a playgroup student quiet who cries generally every morning when comes to school.Also you can have a perfect feeling of a responsible friend in the company of teenage students who always ask for a better advice.

Profession of teaching will always provide you lots of opportunities to guide the students morally,spiritually,personally and empathetically.

Everyday a student gives you challenge and you have to mould yourself in every possible way.

Sometimes we have to tackle the naughtiest,the arrogant students who need themselves to be understand from their perspective.

With every good morning you can feel the dignity of this dignified profession.May be you earn less in terms of money but the respect that you earn from this profession makes you feel heavenly.

And of course how can I leave the sweetest part if my young students ,the way they say “ma’am you are looking very pretty .” with blushing eyes makes me feel so special in their hearts.Awwww..!!!some boys really look very cute when they say this:-)

Though it is a very busy schedule during whole session from July to may.waking up early morning,waiting for bus,doing this and that task whole year and principal’s call for meeting exactly at the time of departure irritates sometimes but still all this becomes an integral part of life and you start enjoying even in annoying situations..

But like every student teachers also need summer vacations.Because teachers also need to go to their nani house for fun.

So,finally my longing for summer vacation is fulfilled but truly and sadly I’ll miss my students,classes,staff room gossip,lunch sharing everything.I’ll miss my job for one month…

Enjoy summer

Enjoy vacations…….


14 thoughts on “Summer vacation.

      1. Na na. Not that. I meant it as a praise, that it’s a good wallpaper. Allows you to depict what you want and have some privacy at the same time.


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