Where Are The Kites…???


Wish you a very happy ganga dussehra everyone..
             Ganga dussehra ,held over the first ten days of the month of Jyestha,celebrated Gangavataran-the descent of the ganga to earth.The ganga,largest of India’s rivers and the most sacred to Hindus,holds a unique place in Indian consciousness.Regarded as a celestial river originating in the heavens,she is worshipped as the mother who washes away all the sins of mankind.
             The festival’s name dussehra is derived from ‘dus’which connotes ten and ‘hara’ which means defeat.It is believed that if one offers prayers on this day ,one attains salvation from ten sins.
             Besides mythological significance,ganga dussehra has always been a very important festival in west uttar Pradesh.Everywhere you could see the kites flying in the sky making it look so colourful.Terraces used to be filled with people in each corner.Chattering,laughing and giggling of ladies is all around.
         Boys dancing on the tunes of music systems which were specially arranged for this day,young kids shouting ‘WO kaate’,’fakkate’ and then rushing to get the ‘kati hui patang’,old people sharing their theories on kite fight or called ‘pench ladana’ in local language.All this is the picture of 4-5years back.Distribution of jalebies was also quiet frequent on this day.
           Today when I woke up I rushed onto my roof to see the flying colours but it was very disappointing to see only 5-6 kites in the vast sky on the day which meant kite festival for us always.


What has made the people feel so sick about flying kites..??Don’t they have time at all to keep the significance of this festival alive or don’t they understand that it is a way in which we are nourishing our culture..??or if the modern technology has developed some sloth bacteria’s in their bodies that they can’t leave their A.C’s and coolers and revitalise their soul promoting the colours of life..??
        I really wonder if the upcoming generations will be knowing Ganga dussehra at all as the won’t be getting registered school leave even because it usually falls during summer vacation.
     We should understand that we are because the culture is.
           Well,I’m going to fly kites in the evening today enjoying the charm of life because when my kite is stable in the air I feel away from all the pangs and when it falls down or cut I enjoy the freedom from the worries in the form of ‘manjha’…


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