A poem from my student..

It’s pleasure to see your students improving but when the improvement is shown by missing a lesson,that’s something curious to know…one of my student from 9 grade wrote a poetry while I was teaching ‘solitary reaper’…
On this I was just about to shout but very honestly he committed “mam apke liye likha h” turning my anger into a gentle smile because efforts made by students are always appreciative..
Here s a very poetic attempt of the boy…..

Today I felt that you are in me something
Like I’m as sweet as you and you are as sour as me..
I felt it is just a feeling in my brain
But as you now I started loving the rain
Me in you,you in me together to be continued in chain
Thankyou for being there always with me
In the most difficult situation known as pain..
As you are so caring
If you will read it you will shout
Because it’s 4am coz I don’t know what I’m writing  about…
I know few things don’t match
Your eyes are big ,mine are small
You are a bit short and I’m tall
You dived in this and I fall
But still I feel I found you
Somewhere in me…..

Written by -Kumar kartavya
                    Grade -9(lily)



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