My 100 followers….


Hi friends..!!
Today is one of the happier days I have spend with my blog.When I opened notifications the Congratulation message from WordPress sparked in my eyes.It is really heartfelt to get my first 100 followers.
        I remember the day when I started my blog.Step by step I was creating the world of my words.It was immensely joyful to get my first follower.
        Gradually I kept posting my thoughts and people joined me.WordPress is really a wonderful place and beautiful are the people whom I met here.Everyone here is blessed with splendid wisdom and love.
      I’m thankful to everyone who takes out their precious time to read and appreciate my blog .I’ve made many new friends and specifically I’d like to thank bloggeray(Ajit) for his enormous support that helped me to know WordPress better.
    I hope that it’ll be a grand journey ahead.All my readers’ comments and compliments are welcomed and noticed.We are here to do something special.
Blogging is itself special…isn’t it…??


36 thoughts on “My 100 followers….

  1. Congratulations on reaching the first 100! Keep blogging, and before you know it, you’d have another 0 after those numbers.
    Thanks a lot for mentioning me there. Always happy to help out. Honoured! 😊😊

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      1. Yes I knew that but it feels nice when others bless you..everyone knows that they can be happy in their own ways but still it feel pleasure at even a single blessing…


  2. Congratulations on your 100+. This is a number I aspire to as well. (currently 22 on one of my blogs, and 18 on the other. the other is for my cat, if you can believe that **snort) But definitely, Well Done. And you look interesting enough that I’ll follow you and see where you lead. Happy writing! 🙂

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      1. I was just going through my mail and came back to see if you’d left a comment. At least I think this question was directed at me. If so, my first name is Jane. You can see one of my blog names, Life with Luna. The other blog name is I’d be honoured if you maybe stopped by to check out a couple of posts from each of my blogs. I’m fairly new at this blogging and I’ve been taking a few courses from WordPress U, (Blogging U) as they call it. I’m starting to get a handle on blogging, but I think I’ve got to hustle my butt. My cat’s followers are starting to catch up to my personal blog. 😉 Happy writing.


  3. Nice knowing you Luna…
    I’ll surely visit your blog as I always try to know my friends on WordPress..It is due to some busy schedule Im nt getting much time..I’ll read your posts..Wish you all the very best for your both blogs..Stay in touch..God bless you..:-)


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