You took my heart away….


Blowing with the wind
I saw your flaws
Your tremendous beauty
It seized my heart..

My heart glowed like fireflies
Whenever I looked into your eyes
You seemed indomitable
Imperative for my stay
Oh my dear
You took my heart away…

Bare you hit
The shot of my life
I’d like to retain you forever
And protect from every strife…

Brandishing your hair
When fell over me
They paved many new ways
In my frigid heart
Your memories sway
Oh my love
You took my heart away…


60 thoughts on “You took my heart away….

      1. Hahaha…. Thank you! I was just kidding about the age thing 😂 I’m 28 by the way, so I guess I should be used to being called “Sir” now 😜😂 Also I couldn’t just call you anything I want. I prefer addressing my friends by their first names! So, what should I call you? Not “331” I hope! 😂😂😂


  1. I think it is a beautiful poem as you express very well the loving feelings. I like a lot the lines “my heart glowed like fireflies whenever you looked into my eyes” and Being myself a Dylan fan the first line of the poem becomes meaningful to me. Thanks a lot for sharing!


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