Satisfaction-a quest…


               SATISFACTION,the word most commonly heard and preached is also the less practiced aspect among humans.
         I myself have heard people giving sermons on being satisfied ,telling others several ways to be content,calm and composed.Unsolicited advice of people always convince them to speak about the things known or unknown to them.
             But the question is do they really know the meaning of satisfaction or what satisfaction is…….????
                     We hear people telling “My life is going nowhere”,” I’m not satisfied with my job”,”My boss is freak”,”My gf /bf is pathetic” etc….
                          Are these the problems leading our life to grief or as we say dissatisfaction…?????
Dissatisfaction is not always monetary or materialistic. It also comes from the way we live,behave,the friends we make,the people we meet,the places we go,the sites we search and the most importantly the way we think,negotiate,analyse and live…
             Dissatisfaction comes from nothing but from the calculations we do in the giving and the takings of life.It is nothing less then an idea which we let creep into our hearts that we are unsatisfied.Dissatisfaction is one of the major vices among homosapiens which makes us stumble and stereotype letting down our pragmatic thoughts.
        To reach the pinnacle of complete satisfaction we need to recognise and realise that the world and the worldly things that we run after is a trap and we are falling in a rattrap letting us to be unsatisfied.
                          Selma Lagherlof says that this world is nothing but a big rattrap.Its only purpose is to set baits for people.Riches,joy,shelter,food and clothing are just tempting baits which lead us to unsatisfactory life.
     Holistic satisfaction can exclusively be achieved through aspiring attitude towards life,commitment to your soul and asceticism. Let incessent positivity flow into your mind and body.Firmly believe in yourself.Trace your happiness in every little moment you live.Feel your breath,feel the beauty of nature.
    Letting inevitable issues go away and keeping our soul happy in each and every way is the yardstick to achieve complete satisfaction.
        Golda Meir has said,” Trust yourself.Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life”.
       Be satisfied. Happiness is a Bliss and satisfaction is blissful.


30 thoughts on “Satisfaction-a quest…

      1. Ohhh…Tajmahal..Well for now no plans to visit there..Actually we have visited so many times that now it’s like home….Whosoever comes he wants to visit Taj Mahal we accompany..But I’ll try to get your book..

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  1. ‘Looking for satisfaction and searching for happiness’, that’s where the fallacy is. When everything around us is just a mere superficial perception, we cannot relate the inner world (soul) with the created reality. So, to feel contented one has to feel happy and satisfied in spite of all the distractions and learn to enjoy life with simplicity.

    Wonderful post indeed, it got me thinking. Wonder, how I missed reading it. 🙂

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