Marrying A Best Friend…..

Hi friends….!!!
Distracting myself from my diction of writing poems today I’m using my wits to write about marrying a best friend..


Marriage is the most auspicious bond on earth,sacred like holy water and blessed like heaven.Marriage is something which makes us complete.
(Shadi ka laddu Jo khae WO pachtaye Jo na khae WO pachtae…)…:-)
         Being married is that we get blessed with a partner to live our life with. A perfect marriage is the product of two imperfect life partners who spend each day bringing out the perfection in each other and accepting each other with all flaws. Love marriages v/s arranged marriage has always been a topic of discussion but the pleasure of marrying a best friend is truly unprecedented.
        Arranged marriages have always been the tradition in India and the world .Two unknown individuals and their families unite and begin a new relation.
I’m not against this serene practice of arranged marriages. It is a huge success all over the world but sometimes union of two unmatched souls leads to chagrin and unhappy relation.Simple things become non comprehensive.The pious relation turns to be a burden very soon.


To get a lovable,understanding,mature,
supportive and a friendly life partner
is a Gauten Gluck in both arranged and
love marriages.
       But to marry a best friend brings
this luck straight to you.He or she is the only person who was,is and can be with you in all circumstances. Reverently he
or she adores you with all your flaws,
loves you how you are,flirts with you
even at 80,makes you laugh when you
cry hard and understands even what is unsaid.


A perfect couple is two best friends
together .People become friends and
marry or marry and then become friends.
They have to be friends in either ways
for a happy life.Then why not marry
our best friend if we share the same
feelings for each other.
                     Knowing each other from
the depths of heart and the urge to be
empathetic towards each other is always directed to conjugal happiness and takes us to the heaven of love


So,if you have a best friend think how
much it’ll pain if he/she gets married
to someone else.Are you ready to miss
him or her from being called only yours?
If no then say……….


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