The flowers of spring
The perennial happiness you bring
Without you my days were all grey
You are the reason I smile whole day.

I’ll love you ever
We shall trace an isolated land together
Where I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine
Can you just see,my love is divine.

Your thoughts have made me pauper
For all I had has fallen
You are my Sunshine and your presence is so bright
Come to me my love and kiss me tonight.

Sit by my side, I want you to stay
Your love is a fancy which I never want to go away
Tempting is your dream which I admire
You are reason of my existance,you are my desire.


35 thoughts on “YOU ARE THE REASON

  1. Very Sweet and Simple “from the heart” Love Poem. Why don’t you create a Fusion of this poem with a Beautiful Scenery background and save it as a Image File and give it to the Greeting Card Sites. Some Lovers can use this as a Perfect “Message” to their Partners.


      1. Full confution ho gaya.i thought i was disturbing you with silly things,that is why you are not looking into it.posted below your poem nigahem as comment.not seen there?


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