Currency change affected Band,Baja,Baaraat!

It’s not a report which is written or thought for a political purpose or to raise any controversy.It is just highlighting the plea of ordinary men.

P.M Modi took a brave decision and announced currency change in India to stop black money or illegal activities done with that source in this peak season of wedding.

People of India are so co operative and appreciating this step too but we can’t ignore the problems faced by them. Cards have been distributed,venue has been booked but no change to give Dakshina to pandit.

Pandit ji is depressed as the business is down and plea of band booked for the wedding is abtruse. Their faces are crestfallen as they are getting no money during baaraat or ghudchadhi. I heard one of the band member saying that this time they aren’t getting even 500 rupees offered by baaratis in baaraat,no change money is being showered on the groom that they could distribute among them.

Though the people are showing fortitude,they are determined to courageously bear difficult time but they are sad afterall it was a season to earn for them.


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