My Dream Too Big..My World So Small..


Have you ever sacrificed your dreams?
Have you ever realised that growing up is taking you away from ways you wanted to live your life?

Well Walt Disney said,” A dream is a wish that your heart makes” and everyone’s heart makes so many wishes. We have so many desires to fulfill,we want to live our life Freely in our ways but what I realised in this process of growing up is that as we grow elder, responsible, somewhere our dreams, desires begin to lose their ways. We start living our life for others,according to others.

The world suggests to live our life in own ways, to do what we want, do what makes us happy but all such great words seems far from reality when we can’t even think of things which make us happy, we are so lost in making our life meaningful for others that we forget our own self, our demands, dreams and happiness.

To live our dreams we must possess independent thoughts, a realistic approach and above all faith and support of our family and friends as the ways to achieve our own happiness sometimes forces us to stand against the world.

To seek our independence to live freely we have to face the superstitious society which drags us towards its outdated customs and narrow thoughts.

All of us wants to accomplish our dreams but lack of support of family or the fear of society let our dreams to rest in some forgotten place, and that’s the time our soul is chained with the burden of sacrificing our desires for the sake of others. We share our happiness but not real. We share desires but not our own. We share life but not live.

Society since ancient times has been considered essential for promoting our social growth but it is the society which even in the 21st century is stuck with old and odd ways. In this society a person is not allowed to take decisions of his own life,thoughts regarding girls’ , their freedom, career are still rational.
Inter caste marriages are still criticized.

Once you grow up and bearing responsibilities, you could be living in a society that is so naive. It is hard or I should say difficult to live for your dreams.

Sometimes you can be asked to make a choice between living for your dreams or for those of others.

You can be asked to listen to your heart or what society says.

You can be asked to live or just pretend to live.

What choice will you make?

My dreams are too big
But my world is so small to let them be real.


40 thoughts on “My Dream Too Big..My World So Small..

  1. I read somewhere that growing up is knowing that the world you thought to be beautiful is all rotten. Life teaches you that there are things beyond your control too. Not choices though. So choose wisely.
    Great post. Conveyed your points articulately. Cheers. 🙂


  2. It is a wonderfully thought provoking post.
    It is true that with greater responsibility comes the realization that we may not be able to put ourselves and our dreams first. It is worth putting some of those dreams on the back burner for the people we love and for the challenging times we have.
    Yet, stay true to your self and never stray from what you choose to be your path.

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    1. Exactly, but most important is satisfaction and accomplishing your dream which are often sacrificed for the sake of societal beliefs.
      India is a land where society plays a major role in guiding people’s lives and then those desires are sacrificed following the prejudiced way of societal rituals.

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