I Love You So Deep.

I don’t want to say

That you never mean to me.
I want you to keep

The secrets between you and me.
The way you love

The way you lie

The way you see

The way you sigh,
Oh, I love you for it so deep

And I’ll fall for you on my knees.
I can’t let you be

A moment away from me.
I just want you to roam

On my body like a foam,
Waiting for the day,when you will call me your charm

Cuddling and swinging, I’ll be dancing in your arms.
My eyes look for you and my lips long for a kiss

The pleasures I cherish with you are undoubtedly a bliss.
With all my feelings I say this to you

Baby come to me for I love you.
You are my cure

With you I fall asleep,

You are my smile

When I gently weep,

Come to me my fantasy

I love you oh! so deep.


34 thoughts on “I Love You So Deep.

      1. woah..I remember your blog name for sure that I have come across your posts many times 🙂 but can’t recall when we talked :P, short term memory meri :/ … but now I won’t forget :P… btw different in good or bad ? 😀


      2. Thanks :)) and yes you are right, even your name NEHA makes me think of one of my very good friend, with whom I talk less but fight more :P.. hope it won’t happen here 😀

        ** parso hi ladayi ki hai us se -_- **

        Liked by 1 person

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