31st December: A time to be grateful.

Today is the last day of 2016. People areready to embrace a new year. Tomorrow when we open our eyes,we would have taken a leap into the next year. The world is set. People in groups with their partners and family have their unique plans to live this last night to the fullest and with great zeal.

But every passing year leaves some memories. We all have some forgettable,unforgettable , joyful, embarrassed,scared and also a few terrible experiences which keeps a distinct place in our mind. At the end of each year these moments let us decide how much we gained and lost morally, mentally, physically and socially.

What is gained cannot be preserved and what is lost cannot be undone. The only thing that we can do is keeping hope for the best in the future and doing hard work to achieve all that we want.

I don’t want to categorise the year 2016 as good or bad because I don’t want a year to blame for any mishap, instead I would remember each day vividly as it made me see things differently. I would thank each and everyone who came into my life and made me learn sweet and bitter experiences of life.

The most wonderful thing that happened to me this year is that I started blogging in March ,2016. I had never imagined that blogging could be such a fun and I really appreciate the people whom I met here. You guys here are so lovely. Through this digital world I got some new friends which is another right thing happened to me this year😃😃

The moments I enjoyed and the things I learnt this year will guide me in the new year and so all of us should take power from the best that life gives to us and learn a lesson from the worst that we have faced.

This life is all about moving, moulding, finding new ways and hoping for a lovely dawn and above all reliving a new phase with a new energy.

A new year brings new hopes. Let us welcome these hopes and forget and forgive the trivial plans.

Let us welcome a new year.


11 thoughts on “31st December: A time to be grateful.

  1. Wish You A Happy New Year 2017,

    May God Fulfill Your All Desire You Wish Ma’am..

    ” दोस्तों को किया कभी दुश्मनों को याद कर लेते तो अच्छा था,
    दो कदम प्यार के बढ़ लेते तो अच्छा था.!

    कभी’सागर’संग बिताए लम्हों को याद कर लेते तो अच्छा था,
    गुज़री बातें ले गया वो साल कितना अच्छा था.!!”


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