Hey You..!

Hey You

I can’t resist my desire when I look at you

Hey You

Can you really wander in my thoughts when I come to you.
My love

You are so mystical and restlessly I yearn for you

You are the beginning of my dreams

I keep gazing at your eyes

You are the only one for me

Let’s get closer baby,and feel the delight.
Coming up

A gentle wind of love from so far

Enamored your alluring body makes me

And you melt my heart.
I can feel the passion in me

I can sense the sunset even

But my love for you

And my urge for you

Will never come to an end.


46 thoughts on “Hey You..!

  1. Lovely,
    Few Lines on it…..
    ” हर जवाँ दिल की एक ही ख्वाहिश होती,
    कोई उसे भी चाहे सरहाये प्यार करे शिद्दत से.!
    दौर कोई भी हो कैसा भी पर हम-सफ़र,
    साथ छोड़े ना सांस छूटे जब तक ना जिस्म से.!! “

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