Sans Your Love💔💔

Sans Your Love

I’ll be a name,prosaic and unknown

Sans Your Love

I’ll be broken from my soul.
As my dread finds escape in you

As my need is you.
Passing from the crowd

I’ll be only thinking of us

Looking at the stars

I’ll be aching with my scars

That you gave

On my broken heart.
Dancing on the streets

All the couples when I see

I always dream of you

Caring me,but you left me alone,

Breaking our bonds apart.
I will give all my love to you

I will bend on my knees just for you

I will never complain when you come late

I will never bother when you drink champagne.
Just for once

You look at me

I will smile back at you

Just for once

You come to me

I will never let you go
Sans Your Love

I’ll be a broken bird

Sans Your Love

‘My heart so much hurts’.


33 thoughts on “Sans Your Love💔💔

    1. It’s just a poem Ajay.
      Sometimes love makes people blind and they don’t realise the worth of themselves.
      This poem is a presentation of such deep love which seems senseless to viewers but still flows within the nerves of lovers and make them do the things which don’t realise the height of reality.
      And I don’t love so deep😃

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