Pursuit of living.

“The pursuit of living is realising happiness,

If you are happy, you are alive.”


26 thoughts on “Pursuit of living.

  1. Nice Thinking Ma’am.
    But I Think”If Yours are Happy You’re Alive”

    “अपनों की ख़ुशी में खुश रहिये
    क्यूंकि अगर वो खुश हैं तो आप भी
    खुश रह सकेंगे”

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  2. I have made this post because I’m very well aware about a human’s dependencies and boundations.
    Whatever may be the odds in our life ,we can overcome them with happiness that we find with family and friends,in our surrounding.
    For that we just need to develop a positive outlook.
    That’s all what happiness is.


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