Escaped from the woods of divine land

Dancing, yelling, crossing the sand,

Tearing the Haze, tickling the fountain

She was heading towards the blue mountain.

Exhilerated from joy of freedom sublime

Turbulent in action, she was breaking the ice,

Fiddling the meadows, scrounging for ways

Her bleaking world now enlightened by the beaming rays.

Humming the song of desolation, uproaring like a nymphet

Acquainted by the beetles who began to blow the trumpet.

Twinged to the hopvine, her joy vanished in the rain

There standing the giant blue mountain.

Outraged by her chatter, he overpowered her motion

Confined her movement, unaware of her notion.

But she was the wind, an empyrian knight

Gathered all her courage, knocked down the wobbly stone

She made her way and broke the mountain’s throne…


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