Welcome Back!😃

Finally, the schools have opened and a one month long vacation has  ended. I didn’t quite know when a month started and when it was over. The school walls ,which seemed to have been meditating for the past one month, feel like they have been disturbed by the uproaring students.

Yesterday, when I reached school everything was good ,the way I like it. First day of school, swings occupied by toddlers, everywhere we had the children full of the joys of spring, talking about their holiday experiences in the field and in the corridors. Desks were being opened and closed.The Buzz before the assembly was akin to that of a swarm of honeybees. Even the good morning at the entrance was as loud as a chorus.Aah..I really missed all this for a month.

I do not know whether the vast majority of people like teaching but it has become an intense part of my life. When I’m not teaching or away from my students I Feel like I’m missing something.

My work gives me happiness and a chance to live my identity . My students complete me as a teacher. I love it , may be because

a) I discovered that the students always love their teachers selflessly and ,

b) Teaching is one of the few professions where you can get respect without any prejudice.

I admire the innocence in the faces of my students,the fun in their eyes, the naughtiness of their behaviour ( high school students naturally lead here) and the smile flickering over their faces. 

So, after a month when I met them, I said, with a broad smile across my face”WELCOME BACK.” They always,always deserve this welcome.

Someone rightly said:

“Students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”


17 thoughts on “Welcome Back!😃

    1. Thank you so much sir for stopping by. Indeed teaching enhances a teacher’s skill and knowledge and it is the noblest profession…BTW I likes your tagline..you really seem to be unstoppable after seventy..😃😃


      1. Thanks. The blog title may have to change before long. Not because I go ‘home’ in R L Stevenson’s words but to make it ‘EightyAndStillOn’. What I said about teaching is not just a platitude. In my 58 years in the profession I taught for a decade in a PG Dept of Journalism and Mass Communication.


    1. These honeybees are very smart. Weather they are attentive in the class or not but assembly is their favourite ritual in school also they are so smart that sometimes if the teacher is not careful they will speak out present of their absent friend.
      These kids….!!!Are stormy…!!😃

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