The song of the nature.

Nature has always been my first love, My way to achieve tranquility. It’s sublime, coy, an inspiration and I always wish to get lost in it.

It’s just wonderful to experience nature. Staring at the sky, visiting the mountains, a walk on the wet grass, hearing the chatter of river and listening the saccharin song of birds give us immense pleasure. They enhance our inner joy.

Today, while standing in the corridor, I got fascinated by the beautiful music produced by an amazing nightingale. She just perched in front of me, flicking her tail in contrast of her song.

I don’t know what was she singing. I don’t understand why she chose me to be her listener. But, her song was beautiful and melodious. It was so captivating that I stood there motionless resolved not to disturb her. Her song touched my heart and tingled my soul. I was mesmerized at the beauty of the nature. Tha nightingale was its perfect embodiment.

I don’t have any expressions or comparisons that I can make with her song. It was soothing, had power enough to spellbound any deity on this earth. I wished her song to be a never ending chatter. I wished to hear her more but alas! the bell rang and I had to continue with my class.

So , I left that melody queen deep in her unrivalled Symphony and walked towards my class bearing the everlasting impression of her song in my heart.


 I wish, I could hear her more…


19 thoughts on “The song of the nature.

  1. I don’t know what she was singing..I dont know why she chose me as a listener. 😊😊 lovely..that song could be…oh dear, lover of nature
    Come here, listen to my voice
    I sing for you today
    Only for you
    Sweet melodious song as sweet as you
    Oh dear, Lover of nature
    Never stop loving!

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  2. What an awesome experience that must’ve been. I recently spent three weeks living in the jungle in Belize, and there I was constantly surrounded by the song of nature. It does leave a mark on one’s soul, doesn’t it?

    I hope you get to hear the nightingale again!

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