Coaching Games : the sad truth!

There’s a saying in Hindi,

“Vidya baantne se badhti hai,” which translates to, “education (is a wealth that) increases when shared.” It is the best wealth among all the wealths one can have.

Education is power, it is wisdom. It generates confidence and inculcates morals. Education is the key to revealing the undiscovered facts of the world, to identify yourself and to put yourself into the world.

Education has always been a part of the Indian culture. In ancient times, pupils went away from their homes and took education in gurukul. They stayed there, served the guru and learnt the sacred texts and way of life. India had universities like Nalanda, Takshshila. We had great teachers like Aryabhatta and Panini, among several others, who always considered sharing one’s own education selflessly with others as the highest ideal. As a result, we have always considered the guru to be the most revered in our culture.

Sadly, times have changed. The system of education has changed too. Gurukuls have now been replaced by big private schools that run profitable businesses in the name of sharing knowledge which is, frankly, detestable. It is anyone’s guess how much the hierarchies are concerned about education but, of course, their money is getting multiplied by all means. (Some other day, I’d like to talk about commercialisation of education).

I don’t want to rant or be sarcastic. Rather, through my post I’d like to point out the grim mentality of the coaching center owners.

Today, many teachers don’t consider education as a fruit to be shared. Instead, they want to earn its full price and coaching centres are becoming the hub of making money. The last decade or two have seen the number of coaching centres multiply unprecedentedly. Many registered and unregistered centres can be found flourishing at every nook and corner of a city with the sole motive of earning as much money as possible by acquiring large strength of students.

This gives rise to a competition among teachers to influence the most students to join *their* coaching. Just like a sale of clothes, alluring offers are given. Heck, even the parents are cajoled. School teachers are approached to teach in these classes as they can influence their students to join the classes.

The coaching business has spoiled the spirit of this sacred profession so much so that the teachers also seem to be focused less on their primary job and more on tempting the children. And (this breaks my heart but it is the truth) some teachers start harassing the students who do not join their tuition. Insulting, punishing or taunting the students directly or indirectly in the class is routine. To put it simply, these teachers have lost their humility. Even the school managements seem unable to ensure that such shenanigans don’t happen in their school.

And why is this done? Only to increase the enrolment in these coaching centres. Talking of the centres, there are very few which really give priority to providing quality education, work hard to get out the best from a student, and understand the worth of imparting education and sharing knowledge.

It is saddening and frustrating to see the degradation in the values of education. Money for necessary, yes. It is important too. But is it apt, justified, to bore down the real essence of education for money?


20 thoughts on “Coaching Games : the sad truth!

  1. You pointed much needed’s,schools are just being bussiness firm of corporate. Because every parents want thier child get education from a very good institution,but what schools are doing. they are just filling bags by tremendous book.they need just money,weather it comes from.they are just making machines but not a good human.

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    1. Exactly.. education has transformed into a big business today..
      I would like to write about commercialisation of education.
      Schools are now becoming a place of multiplying money.
      Thanks for reading.
      Stay connected.

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    1. Absolutely mam.. education system has opted a veered path..lost its essence. Not only this , the coaching centres has increased the dependency of students on ready made notes..
      For many students these centres have just become meeting point.
      There are many deformities but whom to blame for it!
      BTW congratulations, that your problem is resolved as now I can like your comment.

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  2. I’mโ€‹ going to copy the definition of education given by you, it is very true & complete in its sense. I don’t think i’ll get it somewhere else.
    I’ve been the victim of coaching centres & seen things described by you in this.
    You know where the problem starts from schools & colleges. If management of these institutions vigilantly & diligently work taking education in its real sense I don’t think a child will need to take coaching & tution of the same which is already taught at school.
    Last year accidently I went to a govt. School & you know what i saw, no principal present and for out of 5 classes only 1 teacher was present.
    I got distressed & asked the teacher present there about the absence of others, he told that some have taken leave and other went for training.
    I volunteered there for a month.
    At last i wondered what difference will I make if there are millions who are not getting the real education.
    But one thing is sure, a reform is to required which affects to large.
    And every individual, either a teacher or a parent or an elder needs to understand the importance of education in real sense, give their time volunteerly when possible and understand the essence of corporate coaching centres.
    There’s long way for what our education demands but i am optimistic about it and your post made believe more in my conviction because you’re a teacher and you understand the essence.
    Teachers makes the foundation of any country.
    Our country needs good teachers like you. Keep it up mam neha mam โ˜บThank you for sharing.

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    1. Thanks a lot Shekhar. I am glad that you have pointed exactly what I felt.
      Well ,my post was related to private schools bcz here coaching centres are much in vague..
      Government schools too suffer from many deformities. It was nice to know that you volunteered there to teach, that shows your concern towards the humanity.
      Keep this spirit and you can call me Neha.๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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      1. Well! I think the need for coaching emanates from schools, doesn’t matter if it’s private or govt., & students of govt. Schools are left at more vulnerable situation, i guess. That’s why i thought of sharing. ๐Ÿ˜Š
        Sorry neha, it was typo at the end where i called you mam twice.
        You’re welcome and Thanks for understanding!

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  3. A very pointed critique on today’s parallel education system in India. We have reduced the meaning of education to a mere game of money making and cramming. And the irnoy is, that inspite of having a dual system of education, our students are still largely, ignorant. Excellent article!

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    1. Absolutely Pradita.
      There are myriad of deformities persisting in the system of education which has restricted the delivery of best.
      And it’s needed to curb robustly.


      1. Absolutely. What’s required is for parents and teachers alike to understand that education should come only from these two mediums. Any other intervening medium not only increases the burden on the child but also leads to inefficiency in the system.

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