Touch Therapy: Revitalise Relationships.

​Life today has become a race. The over burdened pressure of myriad activities of our day-to-day life has made us busier than ever. Result? We have to steal time for ourselves too.

We have less time and words to communicate today. In such cases, it is  possible that our special relationships might slip through our hands too. That could lead to frustration, stress, depression and loneliness. In these times, a simple touch can do wonders.

Touch is magical. It has its own language of communication. It is the sign of familiarity and friendship. It makes us feel good and gives a reassuring experience. It can work wonders in recharging relationships that have gone stale.

Laura Guerrero, co-author of Close Encounters: Communication in Relationships, say-” We feel more connected to someone if they touch us.” Touch is as important as food and air and has a powerful psychological effect. It also provides emotional security. Small gestures like a pat or say, holding hands, speaks a lot. Even a slight and incidental touch has the power to leave its effect on us.

People struggling with their relationships are more likely to suffer from depression and stress while relationships with more physical contact last longer. Couples involved in physical activities like tickling, fiddling, cuddling, hugging and kissing regularly are closer.

Touch also increases intimacy in romantic relationships. It doesn’t have to be sexual always, but it creates the connection for a lovely dynamic. Holding hands, sitting together, rubbing arms, nudging, leaning on each other can also do the job and boost the relationship. It is a medium to show concern towards the people we love and care.

Touch soothes the physiological response to stress by lowering blood pressure. Research has revealed that affectionate touching releases oxytocin, “the love hormone” which is helpful in reducing stress . Scientists say, “hugs are like drugs”. Touch therapy or massage therapy is good for physical, mental and emotional health and for overall well-being. It is cost-effective too.

Doing back or shoulder massage to your partner after a long, hectic day will not only soothe and relax his body, it might work more than words. Also, involving in playful gestures while massaging can bring you closer.

It is revealed that students who are gently patted on shoulder as a mark of appreciation perform better and respond more often. Infants who are physically pampered by their parents develop a strong emotional bond, and feel more secure. Haptic communication to old people and patients galvanise their wilted hearts. It ensures their trust and regenerates their strength. Touch also strengthens the bonding between sportspersons and build confidence in each other. Even animals realize the importance of touch and soothe each other gently by patting, rubbing or licking.

A relationship is precious and delicate. A touch nurtures it, enhances closeness and revitalises our frail bonds. It acts as a bridge and let us hear the unsaid emotions.


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