The morning of 15 August,1947. It must’ve been very special for people who lived to see it. When they slept on the night of 14 August,1947, they were slaves of the Britishers. But when they woke up, they were the residents of a new, independent nation –  India.

The country got its independence after 1000 years of slavery.And it was not so easy to get this freedom. For this, our country and countrymen paid a great price. Many were killed, many beheaded and several houses were destroyed and smouldered. It seems that independence became the most valuable thing.

Today, we all are free. We live and breathe in open air and proudly call ourselves a hindustani. But ,to understand the real meaning of this freedom is still difficult for me.

We have been stuck with our old believes and customs even after 70 years of independence.

The science has achieved much progress though, and many national and multinational companies are investing in the Indian market. Still, India contributes 37% of world’s total illiteracy. Over 12 million children in  India are involved in child labour.

The state of females in our country is yet gruesome. Every year several  cases of female foeticide are reported as we still consider social evils as dowry and sex discrimination bigger than the freedom to live.

Even today in our country, Panchayat decides  whether girls should wear jeans or should use Facebook or not. Many innocent lives are still taken away in whammy.

Today, India is free but the vision of free India is yet ambiguous and somber. It is still far away from the India which was discussed and dreamt by our freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the sake of our freedom.



  1. Agree Neha. We are a country with rich cultural heritage, the perfect blend of modern and traditional, great technological know how. But we also have corrupt minds in every walk of life, inequality and poor literacy. Unless we all collectively start working towards a better India beginning from our homes, this picture is not going to change much. The mindset and attitude of people has to undergo a positive change. Only when that happens a dream of a progressive and improved India will be realised.

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    1. Well said mam.
      I concur that the change begins from our home, it begins within us and we should try bringing it staunchly. Only then, India will become a land ‘where the mind is without fear.’
      Thank you so much for taking your time and reading my post.
      Jai Hind and happy Krishna Janmashtami.

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  2. Dear!!u r right bt those menality n crime in society was presented in india before Independence.- and now India is a most powerful country in d world if we don’t think about our social condition.after independence, many improvements have happened in our social system.

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  3. Well I disagree a bit. Although you are right India is a great country .

    But many many people millions had to go through carnage in those days.. let’s not forget those…
    And work hard to make sure such thing never ever happens again in our nation

    And I am not sure the india we have now was the one dreamed of by our martyrs and freedom fighters.

    Each of us has to get together to make the change and make our country the best once again.. we have to work together..

    We have a long way to go…but we much carry on

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    1. Absolutely Bikram, we have a long way to go .This post of mine was inspired by the poem “where the mind is without fear” by Rabindra nath Tagore.
      So, I feel that India has really a long way to go in being a land where the people can live without fear and head is held high, where knowledge is free.
      Thank you for taking your time and I appreciate your words of wisdom.


  4. Pertinent point raised. Hope this nationalist fervor in youth should not only be limited to mere Independence Day and Republic Day, rather these thought provoking articles be regular so as to sensitize the mass. Thank you.

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