The Arrival Of The Whispers!

At the breaking of dawn

Snuggling with the silent town

I descend from the heaven

Performing the art like a maven.

Disguised,in the shadows of mist

The fluttering fingers are beckoned to hist

Slitthery, slippery, full of ambiguity

My arrival is marked with certainty.

My wind drives across the hazy streets

As if I’m a tramp chauffeur

I sore high, kiss the sky

And produce a candid laughter.

There are blossoms and their covert whisper

Lurked voices dewdrops, rejuvenating in ether

Sleeping denizens, dreaming for a fair world

As I embrace them,in their covering they curl.

I’m warm

When I bask the sun

And with the ascending darkness of dusk

I’m frost, I’m winter

Seeking your welcome.


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