I’m Neha from Uttar pradesh.I’m a teacher by profession.

I’m passionate about writing short poems,love poems,short stories and all what makes me feel good.This is my first blog to showcase my writing efforts and to get support from everyone who appreciates newcomers like me.My blog is the best place for me to express what an introvert can hardly say.In my blog I write about anything I like but mostly my first love is with poems.

Other than blogging I like travelling,listening music,watching movies,reading love stories and passing golden moments of talking with my mom.

I believe in doing things with honesty and simplicity as for me simple living high thinking is the spell for a better life.

Thank you for every time you visit my blog and feel free to comment or share your views.

You will always be welcomed….





15 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear mywords331, please update the about page.. It is a great way of people connecting with you. Also I have read on your bio that you have a facebook page. Kindly provide the links as well. Thank you… Have a good day..

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  2. Lo karlo baat! There you asked me to check your about page and here you haven’t updated it yet despite the gentleman above exhorting you to do so two months back (and you said “as soon as possible” 😝😝 ).

    Do update it, and add links to your other social media accounts. 🙂


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