THE Silent FeeLINGS.

Those were the days,unforgettable

When life was fun with those teeny thoughts

Every experience was new,first and cherishable

With no boundation for trendy talks and bought

When the waves of adulthood grew high

And leaped up as Tide on full moon night

When all forbidden deeds were done with no sigh

When passion to win seasoned delight

When there was freedom to feel star like

And the days were passed with never failing friends

When mornings were to Buzz and evenings to hike

Gradually the time changed and those days end

Life grew young,so as to gloam

Path filled with rack and dreed;

Yoke made it ignorant to moan

And bonds were made through vulgar breath

Moments to exult seek the way from anguish

Arch fear struggled twice,my wish make it run

No certitude and less Moments to cherish

Weal and woe are shared by none

Now,tension of futurity Kindle to toil

And vital instructions gives power to struggle

But life grow again like a seed from the soil

It held its esteem and no more it juggle.


5 thoughts on “THE Silent FeeLINGS.

      1. You’re Welcome Ma’am
        कुछ उनकी हदें हैं कुछ अपनी भी,
        उन ख्वाबों का क्यों तसव्वुर जो मुमकिन नहीं.!
        कुंवारा दिल करता दोस्ती बहुतों से,
        “सागर”हर दिल भी तो मुहब्बत मुमकिन नहीं.!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I Think Whole Life Is Sophisticated,We Never Understand It’s Way…
        Anyway Thanks for Reading Ma’am.

        सीने में नन्हां छोटा-सा दिल है,
        और दिल में हैं बड़ी तमन्नाएं.!
        वक़्त का दस्तूर”सागर”ना होती,
        पूरी कभी मन चाही इच्छाएं.!!

        Liked by 1 person

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